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Open letter to: Theresia Bauer (08/07/2008),
Member of Baden-Wuerttemberg's Parliament in Germany and 'Higher Education' spokeswomen of the Green Party in Baden-Wuerttemberg's Parliament
Translated from the original German by Angelika Schaumberg
Dear Ms Bauer,

Religious entertainment park near Heidelberg: Science of evolution teaching or 'creationism' (Intelligent Design) indoctrination

I saw in the media that you have spoken out against the building of a religious entertainment park by Christian fundamentalists ('creationists').

In this context you may be interested in the report 'Creationism and Intelligent Design, Evolution, Education or Indoctrination' by Manfred Davidmann which in simple and clear language provides valuable information and evidence about this subject.

It is due to Manfred Davidmann that we now know and understand that what is written in Genesis about creation contains the essential steps of evolution and that there is no conflict between the Bible and the science of evolution as it is known to us today. And that the hypotheses of creationism (and of Intelligent Design) are definitely disproved.

When Genesis was written, writes Manfred Davidmann, people had little knowledge about evolution and science. Hence such matters were described rather than stated.

As in a thriller, so Manfred Davidmann details and proves, for the first time and step by step, in his report 'The Meaning of Genesis: Creation, Evolution and the Origin of Evil' how words were mistranslated and misinterpreted. That there is a clear distinction in Hebrew between the names of persons, and general nouns like life form and how the term 'Adam' was consequently misunderstood when these rules of grammar were ignored.

He proves, for example, that the allegory of Adam and Eve in Garden of Eden describes the evolution of Homo sapiens, today's man, out of Homo erectus.

At the time of translation of the Bible people's knowledge was limited and decisive parts of the Bible were mistranslated or misinterpreted as a consequence.

The creationism hypothesis is based on these mistranslations.

Following the publication of Manfred Davidmann's report 'The meaning of Genesis: Creation, Evolution and the Origin of Evil' the creationism hypothesis was abandoned as untenable in the United States of America. What followed was the "Intelligent Design" hypothesis, which assumes that some other supernatural being could be responsible for the creation and which seems similarly based on the same mistranslations.

Manfred Davidmann remarkable reports can be downloaded at no cost from:

Creationism and Intelligent Design, Evolution, Education or Indoctrination

The Meaning of Genesis: Creation, Evolution and the Origin of Evil

His scientific works have great impact and are generally accepted as being objective, independent and factual. They should also be studied and taught in German schools and universities.

I wish you all the best and much success.
Angelika Schaumberg

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