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Open letter to: Christa Mueller (24/06/2008),
Family Politics spokeswomen of the Left Party in Saarland, Germany
Translated from the original German by Angelika Schaumberg
Dear Ms Mueller,

Family, women, children and society as a whole

I found out from the media about your strong engagement for solving family-political problems in Germany.

Hence I would like to draw your attention to the scientific and comprehensive report by Manfred Davidmann 'Family, Sex and the Individual; Women's Liberation, Feminism and Community' which could be of interest to you and which can be downloaded without cost from https://www.solhaam.org/articles/family.html

Already in 1998 Manfred Davidmann, an international acknowledged and respected author, proved in this report, how important it is for the family, the children and the society as a whole that women bring up their children themselves and do not leave it to day nurseries, that children experience with their parents trustful and responsible being together and cooperation. He analyses the disastrous consequences if women are not able to do this, when families break up, when men evade their responsibility for women and children, when women and men are single parents, and how people suffer and are weakened as a consequence.

Manfred Davidmann insists that women must not be placed at a disadvantage for taking on their family responsibilities and the consequent loss of career prospects, especially under today's conditions of much longer lifespans. That in consequence they therefore have the right for lifelong support by their families and husbands.

We are living in a hostile environment and a good intact family provides enormous strength.

In this remarkable report you find a lot of objective proved material, which is hard or impossible to argue against.

You can find the report under:
Family, Sex and the Individual; Women's Liberation, Feminism and Community

I wish you all the best and much success.
Angelika Schaumberg

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